13 January 2014 – limn edition on food infrastructures

limn is somewhere between a scholarly journal and an art magazine and focuses on contemporary problems. It is open access. Issue number 4, edited by Mikko Jauho, David Schleifer, Bart Penders and Xaq Frohlich, is on food infrastructures and this is what it says on the website:

This issue of Limn analyzes food infrastructures and addresses scale in food production, provision, and consumption. We go beyond the tendency towards simple producer “push” or consumer “pull” accounts of the food system, focusing instead on the work that connects producers to consumers. By describing and analyzing food infrastructures, our contributors examine the reciprocal relationships among consumer choice, personal use, and the socio-material arrangements that enable, channel, and constrain our everyday food options.

 It is worth a look –  as the issue is already taking shape – there is a preview about the edition on-line, as well as articles on how French markets and social movements interact in food provisioning (Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier), Scale, Evolution and Emergence in Food Systems (Christopher Otter) and Frank Cochoy writing on  How did the self-service economy emerge?


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