6 February 2014 – food angles on sustainability on the Guardian blog

Two articles on the UK Guardian’s blog have caught my attention. The first is a report on a recent roundtable event hosted by the Guardian, in association with Marks & Spencer (a leading UK supermarket), attended by experts from industry, research organisations and campaigning groups on the challenge of rising obesity levels in the UK, the second is from the US site on the sustainable living hub and is on the travails of being a sustainable farmer. Here, small family farmer, Bill Keener says, “in the sustainable food world, we’ve tried everything,” but the results have been mixed. “Everything we do looks good on paper,” and “we’re millionaires, according to the business plans we’ve written,” but they are having real trouble selling their produce locally. Both articles are coming at food issues from different ends of the spectrum (and from different sides of the Atlantic), but they contrast the impacts of marketing, policy-making and scale – and ultimately their effects on public health.


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