20 March 2014 – have we grown to hate supermarkets?

Joanna Blythman has written a piece in today’s Guardian about change in attitude towards UK supermarkets. She quotes a retail analyst who says that the sector is in ‘structural decline’ and challenges what she calls the three myths of cheapness, convenience and quality choice that supermarkets have thrived on. She  talks about the challenges posed by the central locations of German discounters Aldi and Lidl as UK supermarkets try to tempt shoppers into their ‘express’ and ‘local’ shops on high streets, commenting that the restricted choice of convenience foods and the fact that they are often more expensive than their bigger siblings, puts them at a disadvantage.  And she comments on how indie food shops and conventional markets that have survived supermarket expansion are ‘now doing rather well’, with other alternative sources of fresh food like veg-box schemes and farm shops thriving. Only a decade after writing her best-selling book on the disproportionate power of the supermarket (Shopped), she argues that our food shopping habits are changing dramatically.


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