8 July 2014 – plans for redevelopment Smithfield Market London refused

You may remember my entry of 28 December 2013 in this blog which discussed the threat to the local area in East London posed by plans to redevelop part of Smithfield wholesale market. Today (8 July 2014) government ministers have agreed with the planning inspectors’ recommendation to turn this application down. As I reported in my earlier blog, the writer  Alan Bennett correctly mused:

21 July: Now find myself enrolled in the campaign to save some of Smithfield Market from developers, the culprits the planning committee of the Corporation of London. Who are these people? Where do they live that they so blithely sanction the wrecking of yet another corner of London? […] The decision about Smithfield will presumably end up on the desk of the planning minister, Eric Pickles, a native of Bradford. In the 1960s Bradford […] embarked on a programme of wholesale destruction which included their delightful covered market in Kirkgate.

Communities secretary, Eric Pickles has today said that the redevelopment is ‘wholly unacceptable’ – a victory, of sorts. However, the final outcome for the building is, as yet, unresolved.

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