26 October 2014 – thoughts on the food security debate

Thomas Reardon and C.Peter Timmer have written an in-depth and thought-provoking article about transformation in the Asian agrifood economy. You really need to read this in full but to give you a flavour, they suggest that there are five inter-linked transformations of the agrifood system in Asia (also advancing in varying degrees throughout Latin America and Africa); namely, 1) urbanization; (2) diet change; (3) agrifood system transformation; (4) rural factor market transformation; (5) intensification of farm technology (the agricultural transformation). They argue that it is crucial to understand how these five issues are interlinked in this ‘circuit’ of very rapid development if we are ever to understand food security, concluding ‘it is important to move the food security debate out of its silos—rural development and food security, food supply chains/ agri-business and food security, urbanization and rural development. In the modern world these are bundled and interconnected. The food security debate should be too’.
You can read the full article in Global Food Security 3 (2014) 108–117.


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