20 December 2014 – Christmas shopping upheaval

This is in this week’s edition of the UK satirical magazine, Private Eye (20 Dec – 8 Jan) – seems topical!

‘With many online retailers admitting that Christmas orders won’t be delivered to customers before March, many shoppers angered by the delays have taken the unprecedented step of turning off their computers and going to the shops. “This concept of a ‘shop’ is absolutely amazing,” said Anna, a twenty-something, blinking in the sunshine. “They actually let you see the product, you can touch it, try it on, play with it, and take it home straight away, rather than worrying for the next three weeks whether it will arrive. This is magical. Why aren’t there more of these on the high street?”

On-line retailers, however, insisted that ‘shops’ were just a passing fad and that people would soon tire of being able to take their gifts straight home,much preferring the convenience that comes with one click of a button and eighty-seven calls over the next three weeks to an unmanned customer service line.’


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