18 January 2015 – the future of food markets and the inflating shopping list

BBC radio 4 has broadcast two good programmes today – The Future of Food Markets on the Food Programme that you can listen to here and The Inflating Shopping Basket – you can listen to here. The Future of Food Markets has pieces on the new Markthal in Rotterdam, featured in recent posts on this blog, and new developments at London’s Covent Garden wholesale market and Leicester’s vibrant traditional market. The programme has interesting reflections on the changing, but pivotal role of food markets as food provisioning systems adapt and innovate. The second programme on The Inflating Shopping Basket is a fascinating piece on how changing food shopping habits and trends can be traced through the annual analysis of the Consumer Price Index. It rings a lot of bells about changing food choices from post second world war to what (and where) people are buying today. It put me in mind of something written by John Thompson in 2010 – Milk, Eggs, Arugula, Identity – about the ‘new’ everyday. If you are interested, you can read it here

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