21 January 2015 – Julian Baggini, the Philosopher in the Kitchen

I’ve just been watching a short series of You Tubes put together by Julian Baggini, the Philosopher in the Kitchen. They are well worth watching for his down-to-earth, engaging cooking style whilst tackling issues such as ‘practical wisdom’ and why we shouldn’t rely on recipes when we have the ability to think round problems by using our judgement and powers of improvisation; the importance of tradition – this is film 2 where he uses Einkorn flour in breadmaking and argues for the need to maintain traditional varieties not only for future breeding but also to preserve old foodways as part of our duty of stewardship – what is good, is valuable now and in the future. He also talks about authenticity and asks ‘does it matter?’ whilst cooking a spicy Basque stew; and finally he looks at using ethical and fairtrade products as he makes some tasty looking muffins.

I previously wrote something about traditions and change (see 26 January 2014) that featured Julian Baggini’s book The Virtues of the Table: how to eat and think
You can watch the films here


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