25 March 2015 – the indecisive chicken

The Dharavi Food Project is part of the Dharavi Biennale – a two-year process that blends art and science to share information on urban health and to showcase the contribution of the people of Dharavi to Mumbai’s economic and cultural life. Prajna Desai’s new book, ‘The Indecisive Chicken: Stories and Recipes from Eight Dharavi Women’ is a great outcome of some of the work, funded by the Wellcome Trust and organized by SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action), an NGO working to improve the health of women and children in Mumbai’s informal settlements. The co-director is UCL Professor Dave Osrin.

The book’s title comes from the author recalling how ‘one attendee claimed not to eat chicken because she thought it to be an indecisive bird. Eating it was bound to make her stupid, she said. When prodded, she confessed that it was taste of chicken she didn’t like.’ She says the book ‘certainly celebrates the women who headline the food project. But it also explores what cooking means beyond making a meal’.

It looks a very tempting book for lots of reasons – you can read more here

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