27 April 2015 – Regeneration policies and street vendors

Sarah Turner and Laura Schoenberger (Urban Studies 2012, 49(5) 1027–1044) have written  about the effects of government policy, introduced in 2008, on street vendors in Hanoi, Vietnam as part of the drive to develop a ‘modernized’ capital city, and  Veronica Crossa (Urban Sudies 2014, DOI: 10.1177/0042098014563471) has written about similar developments in Mexico City –  banning street vendors  from key public places in urban cities across the Global South has become part of regeneration policies.

Both articles discuss the effects of change on these traders (who are frequently women) as cities transform ‘at break-neck pace’ amidst massive urban-rural migration, and they discuss the ‘everyday politics’ of the urban poor who try to operate within the ‘informal’ economy in an attempt to provide very basic support for their families (Turner and Schoenberger quote US2 dollars a day in 2009).


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