26 May 2015 – Boston’s new ‘all local’ public market

Boston is to open a new public market this summer selling only local produce – the first in the US. In a recent article on Civil Eats, Sarah Shemkus says: “The Boston Public Market will be home to about 40 vendors, who will sell fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, and honey—all grown, caught or produced in New England.”

There are doubts however, and as the market nears completion she goes on to comment that “questions remain about its pioneering local-only mandate. Will the farms of highly seasonal New England have anything to sell in winter? Will consumers find the selection too limited?
The article also quotes Rachel Greenberger, director of food entrepreneurship program Food Sol at Babson College, Massachussets,  who says that ‘local’ continues to be one of the most commercially appealing words in the food business, but also acknowledges that this is a radical idea that requires consumer education, measures to ensure it doesn’t just become a tourist destination and that keep it accessible to those on low incomes.
Rachel Greenberger argues the market is seen as an important part of building local food infrastructure, and adds “shopping in a public market is a value statement. People go because they like what it says about them and about the community.”
This is a big project and it will be interesting to see how it fares.
You can read more here

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