8 March 2016: Food, the UK and the EU: Brexit or Bremain? new briefing paper

A new briefing paper has been published today that looks at some of the implications  for food of leaving the EU, the so-called Brexit option. It also explains why we are in, and what voting to stay entails, the Bremain option.

The briefing paper is written by Tim Lang and Victoria Schoen at  the Centre for Food Policy, City University London and is part of the Food Research Collaboration (FRC) series. The website summarises the paper as follows:

‘This briefing paper explores the food terrain exposed by the wider “Brexit versus Bremain” Referendum question to be decided by the voting UK public on June 23. It is written to raise issues; to invite academics and civil society working on food matters to consider how their work fits this momentous issue; and to aid informed decisions. The paper follows from debates and concerns expressed at the 6th City Food Symposium on UK food and Brexit held on December 14, 2015.’

You can read more and download the briefing paper here


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