12 August 2016 – Problems and dilemmas associated with Western demand for avocados and asparagus

Joanna Blythman brings attention to problems in Mexican communities associated with the growth in demand for avocados in an article in the UK Guardian. She points to deforestation, introduction of pesticides and fertilisers, and depleting water tables as some of the outcomes as local farmers (and drug cartels) are drawn to this new and lucrative business. Joanna Blythman goes on to suggest there is a need to balance exotic imports, such as avocados, against other more locally grown food commodities that provide similar nutritional benefits.  This reminds me of another publication, written by Ethel del Pozo-Vergens and Bill Vorley of IIED, that looks at other issues affecting choice between global or local food chains, including which are better at delivering food security and safety, decent employment, protecting the environment and contributing to economic growth.

You can read the IIED publication here




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