24 April 2017: the ubiquitous market


Food markets are everywhere – they are truly ubiquitous. Throughout the world all cities, suburbs, small towns and villages have them. These markets are constantly adapting as we change our shopping habits. Retail malls have provoked varied reactions over time, competing with traditional high streets and often seen as blots on the landscape. However, times are changing and they are losing popularity – in the US, there is even a website charting their decline state by state. Many are finding new uses including those being reinvented as indoor food halls, combining a traditional market with upscale food vendors. But how does this impact on traditional markets that have been here for our neighbourhood communities for centuries, supplying them with healthy and accessible food and providing support for local businesses. As cities change and regeneration moves local people out of the centre what happens to this way of shopping for fresh food?  I have started a new blog, the ubiquitous market to document all that is new, exciting and essential about food markets and the people that create them. the ubiquitous market provides a window into how food markets adapt as we change our shopping habits and aims to chart current trends.


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