18 August 2015 – why social inequality persists. New book on ‘Injustice’by Danny Dorling

Danny Dorling‘s latest book – ‘Injustice’ (the new edition is published by Policy Press) – examines the shocking increases in poverty, hunger and destitution in the UK (see also this blog 13 March 2015 on how England is increasingly divided between the rich and poor). The new edition explores how social inequality occurs when resources are unevenly distributed and makes the point that ‘the richest 1% of people in the world will, within a few months, own more than the other 99% put together’, and that economic inequalities  will continue to grow for as long as we tolerate the injustices which underpin them.

The book examines five social tenets of injustice  – elitism, exclusion, prejudice, greed and despair – including the myths that support the rise of social and economic inequality. It challenges the mantra that without growth we will all be doomed . It also highlights the relationship between inequality and climate change.

You can read more about the book – including a downloadable taster – here

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