19 June 2015 – Los Angeles street vendor campaign

The Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign is the initiative to legalize food vending on Los Angeles’ city sidewalks. The campaign is driven by a city-wide coalition of organizations who are committed to developing a system that gives micro-entrepreneurs an opportunity to make an honest living, encourages healthy eating, and supports existing small businesses in communities all over Los Angeles. You can read more about the campaign on the blogspot here

There is some additional information on the City Watch website, written by Los Angeles Walks. This explains that the Los Angeles City Council is considering whether and how to legalize sidewalk vending. Public hearings are being held to get residents’ viewpoints before a vending ordinance is drafted.

One of the reasons cited in this article for why people should support the campaign points to how legalizing vending helps ensure that everyone has a right to use our streets. It refers to Rebecca Solnit’s excellent book Wanderlust: a history of walking which reminds us that walking has long been a political act – a book well worth reading.

You can read the full article on the City Watch website here