30 October 2015 – Final Report of the Fabian Society on Food and Poverty

The rise of food bank use in the UK has been a major national issue, featuring prominently during the general election campaign. But a closer look at the relationship between food and poverty shows that charitable food use is just the tip of the iceberg of a much wider set of issues.

In the autumn of 2014, the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty began an investigation to find out how the food system could work better for everybody, especially those on low incomes. This work has culminated in the final report ‘Hungry for Change’ which was launched on 28 October.

The report sets out principles for a fairer food system and short, medium and long-term actions to ensure that everybody has secure access to nutritious, sustainable, affordable food.

You can read more and download the report here


16 May 2015 – why people use food banks

The UK Guardian (Amelia Gentleman, 1 May) comments that food banks have grown from being a rarity in the UK 5 years ago to more than 1,000 at the current count. The article notes that ‘the UK’s largest food bank operator said that in 2014-15, it distributed enough emergency food to give more than a million people three days’ supply’. In a wide-ranging article, it follows the stories of someone who feels motivated to donate food regularly to a food bank, those that volunteer, and those that need to use food banks.

You can read the article here