10 June 2015 – new FRC briefing paper: ‘Should the UK be concerned about sugar?’

The Food Research Collaboration  has published a new briefing paper today – “Should the UK be concerned about sugar?’ Written by Victoria Schoen and Tim Lang, the report argues that the UK Government must take a leading role in tackling imminent global problems associated with the sugar trade.

Professor Tim Lang said: “We need to end our ex-colonial sugar reliance and it is time the bigger picture was addressed, fair and square.” Dr Victoria Schoen added: “Overarching all of this is the fact that sugar consumption the world over needs to fall because of high and rising rates of obesity and overweight. In the UK, the costs to the NHS of these problems are substantial and increasing.”

The paper provides an overview of the global sugar trade and evaluates the policy options available to the UK.

You can read it here