8 June 2016: farming in the city, Vila Real

Casa Agricola de Levada, Vila Real, Portugal is one of two last remaining farms in the city. Time and change means that the original farm is now much smaller and the owners have renovated the stone cottages and barns and established a bed and breakfast. There are trees and a vineyard and, in season, guests can help themselves to fresh fruit and vegetables.

All other farmland has been sold to supermarkets, petrol stations and big condominiums and Casa de Levada is now the largest private green area in Vila Real.



4 June 2016: urban gardening in the palace, Sintra

Just visited the National Palace in Sintra, Portugal and was interested to see the vegetable garden perched high above the city. No idea who it feeds, but it’s a great example of urban gardening in a world heritage site.


1 June 2016: produce on Sesimbra market, Portugal

Sesimbra’s covered market offers a great mix of fresh fruit and vegetables, local breads, groceries and lots of fish straight from the harbour. It’s right in the centre of town. The traders are friendly, the building is  clean and simple, and shopping is a pleasure.